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LTEA - Lesotho Tetile Exporters Association

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  Lesotho Textile Exporters Association  

The voice of the Lesotho textile and apparel industry

The Lesotho Textile Exporters Association (LTEA) is a voluntary association representing the interests of the industry's manufacturers. LTEA members collectively employ about 80 percent of the total industry workforce.

Lesotho apparel manufacturers are producers of quality commodity garments, and the industry is working to carve a niche market as a responsible sourcing destination. Manufacturers have made a number of moves to become more competitive, not only on price but on other significant measures such as delivery time, quality and working conditions.

The LTEA will assist in facilitating visits to Lesotho and connecting buyers with the relevant factories.

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Factories in Lesotho

Many of Lesotho’s garment companies are subsidiaries of larger textile and garment corporations with manufacturing operations throughout the globe.

There are 40 factories specialising in both woven and knit garments. Two commission garment screen printers, two embroidery firms and a stand-alone laundry support the industry. Some garment firms have in-house embroidery, screen-printing, heat-transfer processes, and laundry and garment finishing facilities.

Although Lesotho factories compete with each other to get orders, they also work co-operatively to form a "cluster" that offers a full range of services.

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